Podcast: ‘Expert Junior’

Dan Lee and Pedro Alcocer invited me to come on their podcast and talk about something I really like, and I chose MMA… click below to listen to the full episode




AmDC: THREAT quickly approaching

One of the big things I have been working on (besides acting school and work) has been a couple of exhibitions with The American Design Club, an organization (co-founded by Kiel Mead, Annie Lenon and Henry Julier, among others) that promotes emerging design in the United States.

Our next show is opening on March 9 (!!!) and it is called THREAT: Objects of Defense and Protection. There are a lot of makeshift weapons and bats (generously provided by XBats)–needless to say, it’s gonna be a rad time.

Alcohol will be provided by Karlsson’s Vodka and the Brooklyn Brewery. You should definitely get yourself over to Present Co. on March 9.

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